Linux for Autodesk Maya

Hey all,

What are your thoughts on using a Linux distro for Autodesk Maya primarily for rendering?

I'd need to have Photoshop on Linux too, which I believe can be achived via Wine?

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this?
How well does it run?
Which distro should I use? Primarily for Maya/PS/web browsing.


The only reason I'm wanting to try this is I heard that it is considerably quicker due to the OS not using as many resources... I don't know how true this is, but hey, it's worth a shot! 


I have never use any Linux distro (well, minus Android and Meego on my phones)... Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

I think it's a route worth exploring. After all, going with Linux saves you a few bucks. Photoshop can work, but there might some minor issues:

You could always try GIMP as well, which works natively on linux.

As for a distro recommendation, I'd opt for Linux Mint.

Thanks, man.

I'll look into it.

I've used The GIMP on Win7... Yeah.... I just can't do it. It has a horrible UI IMO.

Why Linux Mint? What does it offer that others don't? Why do you think it would be best suited for Maya?

I ask because I really know nothing about it any of the distros and how they differ.



Well, keep in mind GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) was made for Linux - it's a port to Windows. You can change the UI a bit; I believe there are a few different layouts.

I like Mint becuase it's easy to set up (not too hellbent on FOSS only - comes with codecs and flash out of the box), and has a traditional desktop set up. It also has a Ubuntu base, you get good software support, and a lot of the technical support is interchangable with Ubuntu. It's great for newbies, or for just lazy people. I use Linux Mint on all my machines. If you need stability, go for Linux Mint 13. It's an LTS release based on Ubuntu 12.04. Will be supported until April 2017.