Linux - Firefox no more :/

Hello guys, ive been running linux mint for some time now and still they (mozilla) havent fix the performance issues with html5/jave/player something something dark side...

Ive read some where that u could get a addon to force it to run flash and tried but without any luck!
The thing that makes me sad, is that mozilla havent fix this yet!
Then I saw something, some one was talking about that they are building a new engine/module...

With all this said, ive been using firefox since only god knows when.
Now i think ill will change my main webbrowser to something else.
Atm ive been copyin the links to chromium if i wanted to look at something in fullscreen!

Tldr What web browsers is a good alternatives to firefox?
And whats up with firefox performance issues


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Can confirm.
Currently using it as a main browser. Switched from firefox.


yeah vivaldi is my favourite browser right now

Another alternative that you may consider is Pale Moon which is a fork of Firefox 24.
I'm using Win7 version.

The original reason for forking, was the switch to Australis GUI.

Two months ago, when I got sick of Mozilla's constant Chromification, breaking my must have addons, due to dropping backwards compatibility and now that includes forcing signing (Mozilla app store?!).

I switched to Pale MoonMoon, and my profiles just worked. A few addons required a roll back to the v24 release, others, like AddBlock have a Pale Moon hosted fork.

If the addons you use are the main reason for using Firefox, they just work and that includes 99% of Mozilla's hosted ones

Not sure about the HTML5 stuff, but I don't care about that.
Though a fork it has gone it's own way, more like the old Firefox, a basic good browser, that I make into the great browser with addons.

The transition was much easier than I expected.
It's been a slight learning curve, not a total change.

On mint here as well, I have similar issues with flash not cooperating. But I solved it with a program called livestreamer which pipes the media stream to VLC instead.

Typical issue in Linux Firefox...In my experience its definitely improving with every update but still not fully satisfactory. I expect that in 6 months time it will be much better. The truth of the matter is that they give most development effort in the windows version that actually works pretty good in terms of performance. Basically the linux version only does software acceleration for html 5 videos etc (that could be a GPU driver issue as well perhaps). You can enable it manually but in my experience its not very stable.

I will not be switching since I trust Mozilla in terms of ethics much more than anyone else but I do keep chromium installed just in case. I guess chromium is the best alternative in that respect. At least until Mozilla brings Linux firefox to the same quality as the windows version.

The last time I used Vivaldi it's dev tools were non existent and it seemed to render pages slowly. Has it changed at all?


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I believe Opera (Beta) is the future of Linux, it's has some interesting new Things, build in Ad-Blocker and VPN the Youtube Popout thing. It's a awesome work form the Opera Team. @Zemos in the Link below you find the deb. file for the Opera Broswer.

Opera got bought by someone in china I can't trust it anymore. So the opera guys went and made the opera they wanted to make in the first place and called it vivaldi.

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Hello guys!
Yea my first thought was to try Opera, ive heard alot of good things about it. But that was back when i was using W7 so i never tryd it out.
So after some googeling i saw that alot of ppl said it wasnt so good anymore..

So youre saying i should go with vivaldi.. might do that.
But whats the difference between vivaldi and chromium?
I just want a secure and that youtube and other streaming sites will work with html5 so i can ditch flash as much as possible...
But they are using the same engine, so there arent any difference in performance nor security?

Yea i dont know why and why there arent any fixes yet! And now ubuntu switch to ff aswell xD

So weird they havent fix it or said anything, but i think they are working on a new engine or rewriting there existing one. who knows?! and how long will it take !?

I mean they say, its now time to abandone flash gogo html5 and then they cant get it to work :S

Vivaldi is pretty good but fairly new to have good plugin support (that some are important for security) and it is not open source that I personally find it important in terms of security...I would chose chromium.

yeah, well HTML5 works like a charm for me, and flash I try to work around, but it's hard to blame it all on flash aswell atleast for the twitch case, i think they are starting to have some bandwidth issues haha :)

Nobody has suggested Chromium yet?
(the open source version of Chrome)

how so?


I experienced the same issues witt FF on Arch Linux.
I didn't have the problems with Chromium or Opera. However Mozilla is not the only one to blame. When I switched from the AMD proprietary drivers fglrx to amdpu the issue was gone. So you might want to try another graphics driver.

Well a lot of the customization options were kind of wonky, and I think now they have a good selection of choices.

It also seems to be quite a bit faster than previous beta versions.