Linux fan control ASUS ws x570 ACE

Dear forum,

Has anyone of you managed to read out the fan speeds from and/or more importantly set fan speeds with their ASUS ws x570 ACE using linux?

I tried to do so with several iterations of ubuntu and failed miserably. There is one thread in the SuSE forum (link) that led to being able to read the fan speeds but replicating it on my system did not succeed either.
Even more unsettling: There is nothing to be found anywhere on how to control the fan headers of the board via linux.

Any suggestions?

Thank you all!

Asus’s fan control in their bios is very good. I use it on my Asus Z170 system. I’d give it a go on your system :slight_smile:

Notwithstanding my gratitude for your answer, it does not help me with my current issue.

I have been using fan control via the UEFI for several months and it is rather unsatisfying.
You can’t use the HDD or nvme temps, not even the temp from an Asus (!) GPU can be utilized.
I have even added an additional thermoresistor as secondary input (as rough guideline of the air temp in the case). Yet controlling it only via the UEFI is like blind flying - not a good experience.

Most importantly I want to adjust the front fans depending on HDD and HBA temprature (the HPE 240 gets toasty :hot_face:) - this can’t be done via UEFI.

I think it should be standard for a dedicated workstation mainboard to include perfect linux support, but as we saw at other areas Asus does not share this opinion :thinking:

Yeah, if the fans have to respond to drive and hba temps, the bios fan control won’t be any help.
I think maybe one of the reasons that linux has poor fan control, is the environment in what linux is mostly used: servers. I can’t imagine they use much fan control if any. It’s all just 7K 80 mm fans going at it, which negates the need for fan control.

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