Linux Distro for programming?

I am a programmer adventuring my way into open source development and I want to make the switch from windows to Linux. The only thing I do wit myself is school work and programming. I dont game, or watch videos on 8k or anything. Is there any distro out there better than its competitors for programming support?

Pretty much anything is going to be the same

if you want an adventure install gentoo and compile it from source

Jeez man at least install Dwarf Fortress


All of them?

Ubuntu will be great for development because a lot of stuff is much easier to install without worrying about adding nonfree repos or anything. As the others said pretty much all distros will work quite well for development, though. I would certainly recommend learning the command line because it makes development a quite enjoyable experience. If you want to learn about Linux at the same time, I would recommend installing Arch, Slackware, or Gentoo. Out of those three I would consider Arch the easiest to maintain, and would recommend it to anyone who is both proficient with computers and willing to learn. I digress... any distro should work but Ubuntu will be easiest to get certain tools and libraries set up since it is the most supported distrobution


You are asking the wrong question. Its not wat distro, but what programs to use. Any distro will do for your purpose. It's the programs that help you code that matter.

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I have to throw my hat into this and say Fedora 23 with its DevAssistant containing C, C++, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, Node.js, DevAssistant package



That is the one i ended up going with. i dont know why, just kinda picked it at random