Linux Distro for Netbook

Hi guys,

Recently acquired a relatively new HP Netbook for free. It came with Windows 7 Starter on it which i must say, runs terribly. There seems to be a lot of knowledgeable Linux users on this forum so I figured someone could help me.

I'm just looking for a lightweight distro that will run relatively quickly and stable. Worth mentioning that i have no real experience with Linux so something i can learn from and tinker with would be good. 

Any suggestions or advice would be great! Thanks guys.



XFCE is lightweight, so either Manjaro or Sabayon with XFCE would be a fantastic choice.

+1 for Manjaro. I have it on my netbook. Way faster than Win7 starter.

Ok so i downloaded the XFCE 32-Bit version of Manjaro.

I'm trying to install via a USB drive. However i'm having some problems.

When i get to the menu install Manjaro, i select 'Start Manjaro Linux' it runs some code but the last command says:

'switch_root: failed to unlink ro_branch: Directory not empty'

'Welcome to Manjaro Linux!'

It's just stuck on this screen and i can't do anything. Can anyone help? Thanks!



How did you download the ISO? Was it via a torrent, or HTTP? If it wasn't by a torrent, you should verify the MD5.

Also, how did you burn the ISO? 

MD5? It was direct download from the Manjaro site. I could definitely just torrent it if that makes things easier?

I used LinuxLive USB Creator.

Torrent it, that will perform an MD5 check on the file(s). MD5 is a hashing function which, when used on a file, creates a string of characters specific to that file. If one bit of that file were to change, the string would be totally different. It is used to check if a file that you downloaded has been corrupted. Hashing functions are "one-way" or "trapdoor" functions that even if you know the expression of the function and the output (in our case, the string associated with a healthy, non-corrupt, file), you cannot deduce the input (the file itself). They are used to store and check passwords in linux, for example.

I can't comment about LinuxLive USB Creater, I've only used it once (and it worked).

Once you switch to linux there are other, easier and more transparent ways to burn an iso file.

Use Win32DiskImager, if you are still on Windows, or don't already have access to a USB with a Linux distro on it.

Win32 disk imager worked for me when burning Arch and Manjaro. 

Thanks for asking this question. I've been wanting to get rid of my ubuntu for a while now but I've been procrastinating because I'm lazy lol.

How is Manjaro working for you?

I've got a netbook with 1 gig of ram. My xp partition is great but i prefer the look and feel of linux systems.

I mostly use libre office and zsnes on this thing with the obvious youtube binge every now and again.

I would recommend Manjaro but I currently prefer arch and would be epic for low power PCs, just needs skills, anything based off arch really :)

Manjaro has a pretty awesome community netbook edition.