Linux disto recommendation for web based management?

Throwing this question out there to get some opinions. What would you guys recommend Linux disto wise if I wanted to web based GUI manage a system that will be disconnected from any inputs other than ethernet?

Distro is irrelevant if you are not dealing with a native GUI. Web is web.

I could me missing some formation here though. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Web based desktop management. Currently using SSH and putty. Just curious if there is a comprehensive solution to take graphic control of the desktop.

For viewing the whole graphical desktop on a remote machine you can install a VNC server on Linux and then connect to the VNC server from another computer. You will be basically able to see the complete desktop in a window on your client machine.

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thx, i will research that.

Ah, Okay. I though you were talking about managing a headless machine using a Web interface.
Big difference.

you could install the webmin package on your distro of choice, that gives you a web based management page that can do most things.

Generally I like ubuntu server because of the amount of documentation and information on the web about it, then I just SSH into it for 90% of tasks. But if i really want a web management tool, I install webmin for control.


Fantastic suggestions! Looking into all of these.