Linux compatible AMD motherboard

Hello people of Tek Syndicate! 

Does anyone have personal experience with (mini-ITX) AMD motherboard that is Linux compatible? 

I am currently planning a new build, my first ever build. I need your collective wisdom though. 
The computer I want to build will run Linux, Ubuntu 13,04 Raring Ringtail at first but maybe 
other non-Ubuntu Linux distro's later. I am looking into Elementary OS LUNA and Crunchbang 13
I am not an avid gamer the only games I play are Minecraft,and CS. I will also not be overclocking.
And will need 4GB of RAM. 

The ITX formfactor is not a necessity, I would just like a small form factor.  

Though I have not consolidated on which specific CPU I am going to use but most likely a AM3
or a FM2 socket. It basically comes down to what motherboard I can get.

One more thing I am building on a budget and can spend a maximum of €80 but much rather spend
~ €60. 


\m/ AVEHD 

>mini ITX


pick one



there are no AMD ITX boards.

Yes, there are. I'm pretty sure there aren't any AM3+ mini-ITX boards but there are plenty of FM1 and FM2 boards out there.  

I have had a lot of troubles in the past with trying to boot from a live USB & CD on a laptop which would not allow me to run from it. Though if I used the same USB or CD on an older machine it worked fine. The newer laptop has UEFI, the older laptop does not. Does anyone have personal experience on this issue? 

UEFI poses no problem, but Secure Boot does, because it's a Microsoft cuttroath thingy. Don't worry though, the good people at RedHat and the Fedora community have developed the Fedora Shim, which is a wedging tool to breach the Secure Boot "feature" using the Microsoft software keys, to replace it with a better, and this time really secure, hardware specific key filter that genuinely protects your system, instead of posing a security risk like Microsoft's implementation of Secure Boot. Distros that use the Fedora Shim (most mainstream distros by now) just install, you don't even see it, no message no nothing, it just works.

Thank you Zoltan for your comment. It is very valuable to me! You have cleared all the misinformation!