Linux Community Needed to convince Developer

@Logan The day before you released Your Linux Log I had just switched over to Ubuntu Gnome from Mint. I remember in the video you mentioned that there was a chicken and the egg issue, with people not going to linux because developers didn't develop for it and developers not developing for it because people didn't use it. Well, I believe that with your help, and the help of the rest of the Tek SYndicate Linux Community, we can accomplish something real that could start a "snowball" effect if you will. I play a game called smite, which is now the only reason i dual boot with windows, because it just will not work on linux, even through wine. I started a petition, here. The community is small enough(not small, but small enough), to were that if you were able to get the word out in the tek syndicate community, this could be one of the first games that supports linux because linux users voiced there concerns and a developer took them seriously and did something about it.
Please consider

Did you know that most game servers actually are hosted on Linux? The cross playable thing is really an issue for the devs to work out. It totally works on Source games.

That's interesting. Why is that?


Because developers let it.

Or wait, are you talking about the servers? That I really don't know, but I can make plenty of assumptions! In general, most servers are running Linux or BSD...