Linux blkid incorrect

I have a 2TB external HDD. I was cleaning up some room so I could backup my server. Part of this was deleting an old partition I no longer used with gParted. After it was done gParted showed it as a ZFS partition. It was an NTFS partition. I can use it in Windows just fine. Linux blkid reportes type="zfs_member" fdisk -l reports HPFS/NTFS/exFAT. I cannot access the drive from my linux machine, only the windows. I have not tried the server. I have tried windows checkdisk.

I was able to mount it in linux using mount -t ntfs

Not sure if it will have any implecations, but maybe try fsck.

No luck. Acronis can see the drive, Windows can see the drive, I have not tested on other linux machines. @wendell