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Linux baremetal windows vm vga help


im looking for some advice on this
i have a dell t5810 with a e5 1650v3 and 64gb ecc ddr4
im going to be installing majaro as the bare metal os, with a gtx 1060
i would like a vm with windows 7 pro and pass thru a gtx 1070

what i would like to know is, can i have it display on the same display as the gtx1060, instead of it having to come out of the gtx1070.

i have a p4317q 42.5inch dell 4k display, so i could have the 1060 on displayport and the 1070 on the mini displayport, but im lazy and cbf

so now people of l1t yell at me what im doing wrong and how to internet good.






unless you looking glass, or steam stream it, then no you cannot.

In order to pass through you effectively have to tell your OS(linux distro) to ignore this piece of hardware, whether it is a keyboard, or GPU doesn’t really matter, it is just a matter of your OS ignoring it, but letting your VM initialize it, which is why you run a separate display connected to your second GPU.

Maybe i missed something, feel free to criticize.