Linux Audio

I am building a small Linux workstation. I booted it up yesterday and realized that it has no audio capabilities.

I hadn’t thought about the audio, but I was under the assumption that it could push the digital audio through the DP ports on the GPU without any dedicated audio hardware. Is that not the case?

I have no open PCIE because of the SFF case, but I could easily use something USB-based. I don’t need a DAC though. I just need something to carry the digital signal to my receiver.

Hmmm, looks like AMD audio pass through is being worked on for either kernel 4.15 or 4.16…

If anyone has any good suggestions in the meantime, please lmk

I’m not sure about the Firepro cards, but on my 580, I’m pushing audio over DP just fine. (well, the monitor’s speaker is shit, but 100% functional)

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Which distro/drivers are you using?

Fedora, open source AMDGPU.

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That’s a DAC. I get it though, you don’t need one of those fancy DACs that look like small HAM radios.

I’m currently using one of these, and it works wonderfully.

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I just need the ‘D,’ not the ‘AC’. I don’t want an analog signal.

HDMI/DSP audio isn’t really a thing yet on most GPU’s in linux.

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Looks like worst case, it’ll come in a kernel early this year.

Do you know if there’s a USB solution for passthrough? I’ve never heard of it, but I can’t think of a reason it wouldn’t work… a USB to HDMI audio cable… weird.


Maybe this?

I mean, any USB card should work fine I think.

Not sound blaster cards i cant seem to ever get them to work

Funny. I hawe a soundblaster in my system and it works great.

You can use AMDGPU Pro which is the binary blob. OGL is maintained for work station and professional use.

You can also run one of the custom out of tree kernels from asdf’s staging branch. HDMI audio works amd I beleive DP works. With a current 4.14 rc or 4.15 kernel.

I am not a FirePro user. If the card is more than 3 years old, DP audio should work if it is gcn1.0 -1.2

Is this the AMDGPU Pro binary you’re talking about? Says it’s only available for RHEL/CentOS or Ubuntu.

I’m playing with Solus at the moment. I’m not married to it, I’ve just never used it and I want to see how it is. So far, I really like the UX. I don’t like the obscure package manager. Fedora is my fallback. Do you know offhand if the RHEL/CentOS driver will work with Fedora?

I honestly might just wait for the newer kernel for DP passthrough. The machine will mainly be used for IT admin tasks (just a bunch of terminal and browser windows, plus occasional Java for KVM over IPMI), so sound is really not critical at all. It’s just kind of weird to use a computer without it.

Based on this, it’s remotely possible that Solus will backport some upstream AMD stuff into their kernel to support passthrough audio… probably not though.

I’m going to give this one a shot:

The officoally supported OSs are debian and redhat based. You could use alien and convert to the package file tha Solus supports.

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Update here:

This device worked as expected using the spdif out:

Also, either a random update fixed the display port audio passthrough, or miraculously, the L1T KVM switch fixed the problem. The audio passthrough on the WX5100 now appears as a Radeon RX 580 audio device for whatever reason. Works perfectly.

That is probably the DC code being mainlined in 4.15. Also, there have been some code updates for Polaris and AMDGPU. Some Vega work has actually benefited previous generations.

It was actually still not working after the initial 4.15 update in Solus.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.