Linux Anti-Maltware Solutions

Hi All,

Just wondering what Anti-Malware programs people are using on their Linux Machines?

At the moment I am just running rkhunter occasionally, is this enough?

I use a Windows 10 virtual machine for gaming only and share a drive via SMB between the guest and host. I am running Malwarebytes on the Windows guest.

My main concern in malware traversing between the guest and host OS.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about a windows virus executing on a Linux system.

The guest might trash your smb share though.

I don’t use such software, so I can’t make any recommendations. Sorry.

If you’re worried about it install CLAM. Should be in the flatpak or snaps repos.


Just install a linux distro without systemd and you got rid of any malware. :laughing:

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Sophos makes a great free AV for use with linux systems.

Unless you have wine installed, then you are susceptible.

Very unlikely unless you’re a government official and the victim of a state-sponsored black hat attack.


Symantec also provides endpoint protection on linux systems. Normally when looking for solid AV on linux you have to look at industry leaders rather then free and freemium organization based security suites.

This is just simply due to the fact that in the datacenter while linux isnt particularly vulnerable to windows viruses it can most definitely be hijacked into a distribution point.

Maybe I am the minority here… but I like systemd.

From what you have all said, sounds like my current solution is adequate. And perhaps I should look at installing Clam/Sophos/Symantec in addition to what I already have.

Thanks for the suggestions :+1:

+1 for CLAM. The only good FOSS solution that I know of…

Here’s a gist for installing it on CentOS:

I don’t know but a software that is literally a single point of failure and can’t handle a leading digit in user names is not what I call good software :wink:

But to add to the actual question, I can recommend ClamAV as well. I used it before on a server and it worked quite painlessly compared to my usual experience with AV software.