Linux and Windows same PC

Okay so i just bought a new hard drive and i'll install it as soon as i receive it. Right now i have manjaro linux installed in my main HD and i was wondering if i could install windows in the new HD and make them coexist, at boot i would choose witch OS i wanted to run...will this be possible and if so is it as easy as just install and let the BIOS chose the OS?



If you boot from the Manjaro HDD you could probably add a boot entry into Grub to boot the Windows HDD. I'm not entirely sure though.

I don't have much experience using grub on multiple hard drives. does update-grub recognize the operating system?

A grub-update should find the windows partition automatically, even when it's on a separate drive

Be sure to unhook the drive with manjaro on it before installing windows.

After having installed windows, run grub-update in manjaro, and set bios to start from the manjaro HDD first.

awesome, thanks!

Make sure you unhook the hdd with linux on it during the windows install since windows likes to overwrite grub and then hook it back in and update grub