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Linux and ryzen 5 3600; what MB?

Hello, I’m new here so sorry if I post in the wrong place.

I was long time looking forward to Zen2 to finally level up my desktop.

This is a linux only gaming machine, so good linux support is imperative.

First of all i want to make clear my game are not too demanding in graphics and im ok to settle at mid-low range.

So first step would be to move to a Ryzen 5 3600, with no plan to OC, and get some DDR4 (2900MHz), while for GPU at least for now I will still use the HD7850 that so far is running great (and is used at 50-70% with most games), the RevoDrive X2 as ssd, and the classic HDD.

I would probably like to have compatibility with PCIe 4.0, if is reasonable, for later upgrade of the GPU.

would be nice to do OC, and i read should be relatively easy, so im willing to keep the opportunity open if is not a big price

price of the MotherBoard less than 200€?

If you aren’t aware yet… The 5.x kernels aren’t booting on 3rd gen ryzen

Im sure is going to be fix :slight_smile:

I paried my R5 3600 with a MSI B450M Mortar. @nx2l thanks for the heads up.

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BIOSes with the rdrand fix for systemd are being rolled out. Gigabyte Motherboards got them first.

B450 Tomahawk is a good choice and won’t break the bank. Wait for the new BIOS first though before continuing.

I am still thinking about low end x570 MB, i will wait a month or two for price and review to come out, and all those issue to stabilize

edit:looks like MSI B450-A PRO would be good for my need, is basically a Tomahawk without RGB and such

Did you need Ryzen 2 cpu to update the BIOS before putting the R5 3600 in?

This is what i generally recommend doing,
just to avoid not being able to get it to work at all because required bios updates.
And next to that not running into any pci-e3 / 4 quirks.

A nice entry level board would be the Asus X570-P or Asus X570 TuF gaming.
If you just need base functionality, then it will be a good enough board.

After now experiencing the B450 issues with DOCP first hand, definitely get a Gigabyte Aorus Pro (no Wifi version is cheaper)

Yeah or the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite even.
I think that board can be found around the $200,- price mark.
Which means slightly more expensive then the Asrock Steel legend, and Asus X570 Tuf gaming.
However i do think that its worth it.
The Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite for being an entry level board,
it still isn’t really gimped down on features.
And the vrm is great, pretty much the best you could get on an entry level board.

But of course if those boards are too expensive.
Then the Asus X570-P will already work well.

I honestly cannot trust ASUS because the Prime boards will have no DRAM BOOT voltage setting. That function is critical for DOCP.

I vote Asrock X370, B450, or X570. Even the old Taichi x370 on Ryzen 3000 appears to support 4x16 GB RAM now at 3600 speed or above with new Ryzen CPUs. Unlike ASUS with lacking monitoring drivers, broken fan chips over the years, etc there is no funny business from Asrock, it just works. (once AMD fixes BIOS issues)
Note however that with the current BETA BIOSes IOMMU is broken on older boards, but maybe with ACS patch it doesn’t matter.

X570 needs a cooling fan on the chipset, I dunno if I trust a motherboard that needs a cooling fan. I hope this is improved with newer motherboard revisions, a wait and see thing I guess.