Linux and Office 365

So in my effort to make a full-switch to linux (popOS) and mint, I have run into a major hurdle.
As much as I enjoy the smooth experience that Linux is able to provide, Office 365 is once again the major hurdle.

Sure. All my office work is saved on onedrive, and broswer style doesn’t quite suffice the functions I require. The web office is still very basic and I needed more functions.
Once I discovered that you can “open in word/excel” etc. well, you can’t open word and excel in mint/popos

What workarounds are there? Install office 365 exe in wine?


Might sound strange, but yes, I know several people who did the whole office in wine, and it’s not exactly the same (e.g. printer support, odbc), but it worked well enough to start.

Office within Wine can be hit or miss depending upon version and/or software updates, there is always a risk something will break or a Wine specific bug happens. (I ran Office via Wine on OS X due to certain rendering bugs of the native Office–at some point I went back to using VirtualBox as it was easier to backup the “work” environment and also retain printer & scanner support)

The other option is use VirtualBox, a non-activated Windows 10 won’t disable itself beyond losing the ability to “customize”(wallpaper & themes) so you could run Office 365 and avoid the oddities/limitations of Wine.

some people do the WINE thing, I personally don’t rely on office applications to much on my personal PC, however I’ve had luck with OnlyOffice in the past, sure it’s not exactly Office 365, but the interface is pretty nice IMO and it claims to be 100% compatible with MSOffice formats. Hope it helps.

Thanks guys
I really really want to make the full shift to linux. But for the 24/7 office worker in finance where excel is still the top preference. It is truly hard.

I greatly appreciate mint and pop. I see the value esp since that means old hardware can be reused and we no longer need to buy outrageously priced products.

The problem is perhaps Microsoft. Office 365 and a perpetual update to windows 10, following a SaaS model to other major software companies and Apple. I applaud them for the move and the brand and the overall package is definitely an upgrade from Windows 7.

The struggle is very real. You are in chrome or whatever browser, tapping away in the document stored in onedrive. Then u realized that some functions can only be accessed when u get the full Word or Excel. U press open in Word or open in excel, u’d expect word or Excel to pop up and you can save in onedrive.

Excel doesn’t open. And even if it does, I am not sure if it able to connect to Onedrive.

I have a copy of office 2016 with me here. I can’t seem to install it in wine.

I use libre calc for all my spreadsheets at work. If I need to send the sheets to other people I convert them to xlsx. The only issue I have seen is sometimes my index matches fail on certain types of lookups. When that happens, I just rebuild them in the xlsx file using the windows machine at work.

At work i use Libre Office for the actual work i need to do. And the Office web apps if perfect formating is important. They are good enough for that.
But overall, i haven’t had any major Problems with Libre Office in a while.

That and our Terminalserver.

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