Linux 2015_02 graphics update?

I have a sweet system:

A8-7600, 8GB-2133

and im looking at upgrading with a graphics card, now the reason i ask here in the forum is, how is the state of my fellow Linux members with their graphics setups?

I been using Nvidia graphics for many years because they worked best in linux (5+ years now), but in recent time i wanted to have a small system so i went for the A4 then A8 APU and have to say that AMD/ATI really stepped up lately with GPU drivers, but the A8 while good could use a boost/other GPU so?


Do i get a AMD or NVIDIA card?, also im limited to Low Bracket form factor which makes it difficult as there are not many versions to chose from...

Im looking at:

Zotac Geforce GTX 750 TI LP


now the R7 is a small boost, the GTX gives a very good boost over A8 but the AMD graphics do have a lot going for them with Tear Free desktop, so i want to hear from you guys about video tearing especially in movies/youtube local/streaming.

Gaming performance is an valid point but video tearing is my main concern.


oh and using Ubuntu 14.04.2 - Mate Desktop 1.8.1 and compiz