Linus Sebastian thinks that this is the last console gen

I couldn't disagree more on his claim that smart devices are going to replace consoles. Gaming on a smart device is just not the same as on the PC or on the console. He also adds that games in the future will be streamed to your TV. No.That would never work for hardcore or competitive gaming. For casual games, streaming is going to be perfectly fine. 

i duno dude, latencies are going down, never say never.

And don't forget that discrete graphics sales are going up every year. This is a huge industry that is not going away willingly. If everything is "in the cloud" what is the incentive for game streaming providers to upgrade their servers to higher computational power for better game graphics? Their only objective is to reduce cost and maximize profits. Upgrading servers will not pass the cost-benefit analysis test. 

i dont think you watched that video correctly.

Yeah I know, he talked about the consoles, but it's a small step from there to the PC. If consoles are threatened as a gaming platform, PCs may be as well. 

Well, as fiber becomes wider-spread, phones become faster and faster, consoles are just becoming cumbersome. I normally hate Linus, but he has this one right, for once.

I think the biggest indicator is that PCs make money, consoles do not. Unless consoles find a way to monetise different aspects of their system, they will be replaced by higher-end machines, or more convenient devices. And PCs are getting easier and easier to configure.

The selling points of consoles are becoming diminished. They used to be worth it, but there's no real value in the next-gen. This 10-year-sub-HD generation.

i honestly don't think this is the last console generation. there are too many "console exclusives" that not only sell big, but their release even boosts console sales. PC gaming is difinitely growing, but last console generation? i highly doubt it.

Now, that being said, this very well could be the last console 'WAR" generation. i think the the ps4 is going to pull out ahead and possibly crush the xbox one. i don't think halo and xbox live will be able to save it this time. at the moment, all it has going for it are dedicated servers, but i foresee Sony coming out with an answer to that. 

i also think the wii u may be a crippling blow to nintendo. it will push consoles with the release of smash bros, zelda, etc. but i don't think they will sell nearly as many games as the wii did. if things keep get any worse, i think they just may have to go the Sega route and make games for other consoles (but still retain a handheld market). i think they would make so much more money if they only made games. 

I mean, i remember reading that Zelda Wind Waker HD sold like 150,000 copies in NA the first week of its release. how big do you think that number would have been if it was released on 360/PS3? Granted, it is only an HD remake, and it wouldn't have touched the 16mil copies that GTA V sold in its first week, but im positive it would have pushed a million most likely.

I just don't see this being the last console generation. 

This will defenintly be the last "console" generation. By that I mean(and for the what i understand Linus means) this will be the last time we see a platform that is solely marketed as a gaming machine. Hell Microsoft bet that it was this generation that that idea would die out, jumped the gun a bit and executed poorly however. Dont get me wrong, there will be "gaming oriented" devices but an entire platform dedicated to (mostly) nothing but games as traditional consoles are now, no way. Eventually the tech will be there so tablets and even phones will be able to perform on par with PS4/XBO and that time will come before this generation is even close to over.

Games will not change, what we play them on will. Rather then pluging your PS4 into your tv to run GTAV you could plug in your tablet or phone, and do all the other crap those things do, and take it with you places. No one is saying everyting will be touch screen gaming or casual games like angry birds, we are saying the devices you and a huge portion of the population already have will be able to do everything and more that some future gen console would do. This is not a bad thing, not being bound to a console is good, there are alot of anti consumer ideas left in the console market from the early days of gaming and those will like die with them, and we will truly lose nothing. Our favorite games will be there along with the developers backing them, hell sony and nintendo might even stick around and make a gaming focused tablet(microsoft is already jumping into tablets and it wont be long before this come up from them)

This is not the last generation of gaming, just the last generation of what we game on

well, that really is already the case. i mean PS4/XB1 are already more than a "game box". they have web browsers, can store/play music/pictures/movies, stream game content. I guess how we differentiate a console from a pc is that a console is not modular, and runs a proprietary OS. i still think we will have another generation of such a box.

but, interestingly enough, i do think that is how handhelds will end up. I don't think Playstation will continue in the handheld market after the vita. i think the vita will be the end of it. but nintendo.... First off, i think they need to ditch the second screen. (hell, the 2DS isn't even 2 screens, it is 1 huge screen partitioned by the plastic case lol. i wonder what the resolution is an that full panel.... hmmmm) only a couple of games i played really used the bottom screen. sure it can have item inventory, or maps, or whatever, but come on..... i think 2 screens is done.

I think Nintendo should make their next handheld a phone. kind of like a gameboy micro, just bigger. thin and rectangular. big center touchscreen with a D-pad and analog on one side, and 4 buttons on the other. L/R bumpers as well. i also think it should  be an unlocked phone, and somehow make things downloaded off the nintendo store (mainly games) not count towards the data use of the carrier. not sure how that could go down, that would be cool anyways lol

idk, i think that would be awesome anyways. probably would never happen though :P