Linus (LinusTechTips) talks about X299 and Core i9

As someone who hasn't watched LTT in a long time, this comes as a surprise to me. To see Linus do a heartfelt ramble in the streets of Taipei (in the rain, no less) and essentially ripping Intel a new one has given me a newly felt sympathy for him (not necessarily his channel).


Jay went off on Intel too.


Honestly, it's about time.

First they came out with Skylake and I did not speak up.

Then they came out with Kaby Lake and still I did not speak up.

And then they came out with Skylake-X.


I think Intel needs to distance themselves from Microsoft. They've spent too much time on the dark side and they've picked up MS' anti-consumer and antisocial mindset.

To the extent that they feel threatened by AMD, it's their own damn fault. Instead of innovating, they've been on cruise control with their tick, tock, tock, tock, tock strategy. They've taken us for granted and brazenly charged us "all of the money" for the same old tired silicon. They NEED to loose some significant market share, so that they'll wake up. My next machine will definitely be powered by AMD, now that they offer compelling products.


This really is the return of the Athlon X2. Where Intel is doing tons of really anti-consumer and anti-competitive stuff to make up for the flubs in their planning for new platforms, AMD is giving them a hell of a good throwdown after over five years of lackluster performance. Now that we have a quad-channel workstation platform from AMD that looks like it'll give Intel a run for their money, Intel should be pissing themselves scared at the moment.

You know they screwed up when Linus of all people is calling them out on it.


Holy shit I wasn't expecting that kind of video from him, being that Intel biased... Woooweee


I'm glad everybody's riled by X299, Intel has been abusing it's user base for far too long, and someone needs to stick it to them once and for all.

Ryzen 7 wasn't the return we were all hoping for, THREADRIPPER IS.


Now that there's a good option again there's no need to put up with what for many years I've been calling "Intel's bullshit". It's not like they're deviating from their beaten path with X299 in any way.

I guess I'll have to view that LTT video on my phone some time, as I've blocked that channel on my desktop... :wink:
(Video Blocker extension to Chrome is so awesome, no more Pewdiepie et c)


Not fully sure how to interpret this.
Because Ryzen basiclly is ment as a mainstream platform.
On which Threadripper X399 is geared towards highend HEDT.
I think that Ryzen definitelly is the return that people were hoping for.
Threadripper basiclly is still based up on Ryzen.

But Ryzen still offers the best value for money for manny people.
Threadripper isnt going to be cheap.


ThreadRipper is going to be awesome for workstations etc. For highend not so sure.. Still it does, put Intel under the spotlight, to innovate. Which is nice

Now if mining whatever coins, would pay off by CPU mining. Yes, then were talking price/performance ThreadRipper!

I see it being great for a few specific applications revolving around big data and virtualization. We're looking forward to seeing how threadripper does at my company and potentially building/buying developer boxes with it.

We do a lot of gpu accelerated analytics with huge datasets. We use PCIe SSD's and huge amounts of ram to store/process these datasets, so 16 threads, 128GB ram, 60 PCIe lanes should be absolutely wonderful.

I see them working well for high-end developer boxes when server chips are out of the question.

Update: Wendell has put his thoughts on it as well.


I think you have over estimated Linus's Intel biased. The reason it seemed in the past he had an Intel biased is Until a few months ago Intel was just flat out better than AMD.


Yeah but he had a bias to a fault that he was kissing up to companies like Intel and NVidia and most likely getting paid to do reviews by them before, he was very much bias to a fault. I think it's hard to overestimate the Intel bias he use to have.

But now we are scratching our heads cause after all that kissing up, now they are directing it towards AMD now since AMD made better CPUs than the FX crap and now Intel is scrambling after taking a nap from 2010 on their CPUs.

While I am not a big fan of Linus, you have to admit it isn't shocking he has change sides in the Core Wars. As to your statement about be paid by Intel or Nividia isn't that the case with all the big You Tubers. I mean how else do they get free stuff to review.

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Here is adoredTV talking about it.

This guy has to get some recognition. He basically predicted the ryzen design like a year before. (I know he said that for the gpus but never the less the multi cpus design is here and strong).

I dislike allegations of people being paid shills unless there is actual proof.. and not just people having sour grapes / not agreeing with what the person said.

I don't think I have seen a single linus video where I have thought to myself.

"yep, definitely a shill"

Perhaps a little fanboyism for a product that is for the 1% of the 1%

I just think from here on out its all about cores / threads and intel knows this..

fairly certain they want things back the way they were so they are willing to sacrifice igp so they can clock them a little higher for a little more of an ipc edge over amd in the hopes that this will stop people migrating.


Agreed. My only gripe with them is that I don't like the way a lot of the LTT videos are presented. Something about them just turns me off.

I mean, I actually enjoy the videos where he's benchmarking the crazy powerful CPUs and all that silly top-end stuff. I can't possibly afford it, so I'm going to have to live vicariously through them.

He makes a lot of good points, but it's almost always AMD biased, so it's hard to get a complete picture from him. It's like all news, you need to get both sides of the story to possibly have a complete understanding of it.

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I may have found some new respect for Linus. Never could stand him before.

Yup i agree. Every i watch him and take info i do with a bit of scepticism.