Linus gives a very accurate definition of open source software

This is definitely worth the watch.


OSS ftw

FOSS ftw*

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yeah he spat out everything richard stallman said before.. but its good for newbs :)

...meh. Not everything can be free ;)

Everything can't be gratis, sure, but everything should be libre. That is what "free" means.

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He covers most of it, though glosses over a couple of bits. A decent 2 minute intro for the most part.

Depends on the context in which it is used :). Free as in I can redistribute and modify the code or free as in without cost? If all OSS software was free how would developers make money besides charging for technical support?

Yeah, free Lance developers are plentiful, but when you're payed to do what you like you'll do a better job :)

In the case of Free Software, its always free as in free speech. theres no requirement for no cost, never has been and never will be.

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What? Gratis = no cost, libre = free, as in freedom.

I'm not sure what you are getting at. Being open source is a requirement to be "free" software.