Linus dismisses Tek Syndicate i5 3570K vs 8350 claims

What are everyone's thoughts on this section of the LinusTechTips stream where he dismisses the 3570 vs 8350 benchmarks? They admit to not actually watching the video, but they understand that it's a usage senario. I'm a bit torn.

Almost wish Linus would jump in with a real response and benchmark.

Jump to about 24 minutes in the video:

 P.S props to Topher for getting the question on the live stream.


EDIT: And at 35:20 in he dismisses again. I'm watching it as I make this post btw.


EDIT 2: At 42:55. Bit less troubling. Damn everyone is jumping on the twitters to yell at Linus.

I'm not impressed. I live in Vancouver, shop at NCIX and up to this point had a ton of respect for Linus, loved his videos. However, he is coming across as pretty snooty know-it-all in this video when talking about Logan's results. 

I've noticed him getting that way recently too. I think all the success is getting to his head. They were discussing AMD dropping out of the market in a previous livestream and how that would be bad for the industry. If he truely cares then he needs to start giving their successful chips some publicity and stop only using AMD chips in budget Vesta systems for NCIX.

he doesent make the decisions on the NCIX systems, its not like its his company, he just works there, albeit high up within the company i believe.

Totally agree!  It's a shame, I actually really like his videos, but he comes across as a know-it-all in that video. If he is so confident in his 'knowledge' then he should put his money where his mouth is, setup some builds akin to Logans and get to benchmarking (real world as Logan did)! Lets see the 3570K be SUCH a clear winner!!

Yeah I know, the crazy russian does. However my point stands. They should probably stop just using them in budget systems

From what I see so far(since I'm not done watching the video) I'm pretty sure they're going to go watch the videos at some point soon since they're getting so much flack for it from the viewers. Atleast I know Slick will. He seems a little less like he's made up his mind on it compared to Linus.

He does though, hes just disagreeing, he works at NCIX where they constantly test systems out and bench them when they sell a Prepackaged Vesta System and obviously from all their testing the 3570K won a majority of the tests, and thats all they said, its not like the Said Logan is 100% wrong or are calling him out.

Don't know how he got so big in the first place, presentation is shit. He doesn't do any prep before videos. I watched him review a Logitec gaming headset and basically spent the first 5 minutes reading from the box and wondering about what kind of foam was used for padding. I can understand not having watched the video before a live stream like this, that's fine, but you shouldn't be commenting if you don't know and if you are commenting you should be constantly stressing the fact that you haven't watched the videos or run the tests yourself.

Actually, when someone brought up the unreleased drivers as being the reason that the AMD chips were underperforming Linus immediately, and without hesitation, dismissed that as wrong.

I know he's just disagreeing too. If I hadn't watched Logan's video and someone told me the 8350 beats the 3570K without giving me any specifics I would say NOOOOOO. My problem is he's being a bit of an ass about it. Someone mentioned the 2 windows updates being a factor and he just said no and jumpped past it.

I happen to work in a position that requires communication and collaboration.  I can tell you that one of the very most ignorant types of people are those who offhandedly dismiss another person's ideas or input.  Instead of hearing about Logan's video and saying "Hmmm, I should go check that out", he does something incredibly stupid in making a comment like that.  He should be embarrassed, really, and all Linus followers should therefore be skeptical about anything he says.  I could write more but eccchhhh...people like him a just a waste of breath, and don't usually come around until they get burned - bad.  Just my "two cents"...


I know he's just disagreeing too. If I hadn't watched Logan's video and someone told me the 8350 beats the 3570K without giving me any specifics I would say NOOOOOO. My problem is he's being a bit of an ass about it. Someone mentioned the 2 windows updates being a factor and he just said no and jumpped past it.

this is a total storm in a tea cup!

They repeatedly state they have not see the video, and only asserted that the FX doesn't beat the i5 across the board.....Is there anyone here even think it dose!?
They even go on to give a example of where they think the FX could beat the i5. 


If I had a 3570K and FX 8350, I would be doing my own video about it myself. I would do two hours gameplay of each game I have in my collection

The irony is that I haven't finished watching the live stream and I'm scrutinizing them for not watching Logan's video. However in my defence the live stream is long and logan's video's aren't (EDIT: and I have to go to work in an hour). I don't want to debate the actual facts about the 3570K vs the 8350, that's already happening in the other billion threads about this. I just want to bring to attention Linus's some what dissatisfying response.

I agree, i feel like after the whole 8350 review clusterfvck a bunch of people showed up on the TEK and are just sheep hanging off the words Logan says, hes even said he wants a community that thinks for themselves yet the second Linus disagreed everyone starts calling him  unprofessional and rude and say he doesent know, when the reson he says things like that is because he's tested the chips and has his own results and is going by those, but apparently because he said something different than Logan he cant be right.

I swear half the people ranting on other reviews are just as bad as the neckbeards because most of them havent even looked into why someone could/would have a different result, God this situation is getting Retarded.

He hasn't tested the 8350 in Logan's specs though. He's basing his opinion on old results and I understand his bias. He dismissed the windows/driver updates instantly and doesn't know the usage senerio. It's already set in stone though I believe. Plenty of people are asking him to watch the videos and benchmark himself. So he probably will.

Alright, gotta go to work guys. Thanks for talking and keep the discussion up while I'm gone. Later

He just states that i5 3570K would win in most scenarios and Logan might have found some specific scenario where 8350 pulls ahead. Jeez. Also commenting before watching the whole thing is a very bad idea.

@BeyondNight - I agree