Linksys WUSB6300 Being A Dick... Or Maybe Its Suse

Idk really. I haven’t used suse in a while but since I can’t use ethernet, I expected, foolishly, to be able to plug in my wireless card, and for the kernel to have the driver th’ts been out for 2 years. But not only that, I thought maybe it’d pick up the onboard? Nah.

Anyways I’m a bit stumped here. When I try to build the driver it tells me tte headers package isn’t installed, even though I saw it install it. It tells me I need to go online to get the headers package to build my drivers but I don’t have accessable ethernet.

So uh. Uhhhh.

Not ewen a wifi menu pops up in kde. I have to configure through the connections window. I… don’t really remember having to do this.

Maybe I’ll try fedora and uh, let suse be?

try, but likely it won’t work either. suse so far had best drivers.

You can always try installing it manually.

I’m definitely trying to.

make install.

There’s something wonky about this device, i’ve read its been dropped from support from newer kernels.

As I said.

sudo make clean

sudo make install

its unable to create that directory on your drive.

you’ve messed this up… remove and do it again.

also wear a tshirt or something.

Its hot as fuck.

How? I literally plopped the zip in and tried to do

make install

the first make’s you made were not rooted; and likely already messed with it…

remove, unpack and re-do as root.

sudo su or su root