Linksys WRT-3200ACM DD-WRT setup

Hey everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I bought one of those Linksys WRT-3200ACM routers on sale which I naturally installed DD-WRT on. I’m just now getting around to setting it up and was wondering what the ideal config would be with the tri-band networks. I’m fairly fluent in how to configure the router, just wondering if there is a best practice for the WiFi portion of the setup.

Ath0: (5 GHz / 802.11ac)
Ath1: (2.4 GHz TurboQAM)
Ath2: (2.4 GHz / 5GHz / 802.11ac)

Which bands should I be using the most and what are the differences between them?


Scan your environment what is used the least around you? :thinking: