Linksys Shitting Bricks

So the Linksys WRT160N router I have is about to shit the bed (keeps disconnecting everyone/over heats alot, yada yada). I was looking at the ASUS RT-N56U and RT-N16 (both on sale on newegg right now) and was wondering if either of these are good dependable routers, or if i should be looking more. Here are my needs; there is no wireless gaming so wireless speeds are not a big problem, I would like to have the option to upgrade the firmware to an open source one, gig-lan ports would be nice, max price of 80-85 bucks.

I'm a noob, but why not just getting something with two lan ports and install whatever you like on it? pfsense or something I guess?


I already know about the pfsense, It's cheaper to just buy a router, plus this is going to be for a set it and forget setup.

Both ASUS routers are amazing. I still use my RT-N56U

Agreed, Asus routers are awesome. My RT-N66U died recently, probably under my own doing, so I just replaced it with the RT-AC68P. The firmware on these things is awesome, about as good as it gets for a domestic router.

To be completely honest, I would consider myself an extreme power user with home media, print, and file servers, but I can't really think of what extra functionality pfsense would bring to the table. It's just a lot of work and configuration for not a whole lot more reward than something like DD-WRT could do if I really needed it.

Overheating >> heatsinks + tiny fan will do wonders. Even drilling a few small holes in the top of the casing (neatly) will do wonders for temps. Probably <1hrs work. If you're still not happy yeah those asus models are quite nice.

would the RT-N56U be able to load DD-WRT? I've read that whole family of routers are basically the same with different specs. No?