LineageOS April fools

So what are the mixed opinions on Lineage’s April fool’s joke? I’m on the fence, I agree with the critics that this could have really scared some users and even for those in the know it was annoying to turn off the constant/persistent warning. But cool they have a sense of humor…

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Out of the April fools jokes it was one of the better ones and at first glace it was hard to tell whether it was real or not. I caught this a couple days after as I build Lineage myself so I was already fairly skeptical of it when it popped up on my phone. Whether people liked it or not you have to give them credit for how much work they put into this.


Earlier today I finally upgraded my tablet (Galaxy Tab S2 8") from Nougat to Oreo and that pirate nonsense was the first thing I saw.
I don’t want to use root, so I can’t do the command-line “fix” which means the effing thing is still in my notifications area.

I don’t mind a joke, but this is annoying as hell and it’ll last all week unless I either root my tablet or revert to an earlier build.

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Yep same here, it’s one thing if it went away after acknowledging the notification.

I’m not root either as I want google pay to work- reboot into recovery - advanced - terminal and put in that command to get rid of it (have to Google it I don’t remember it).

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Late to the party as usual, updated and I saw this today. Glad it was just bs and not a trip into modern popular crap. clenches chest my gawd

Android Police: LineageOS apologises for late and ‘bad taste’ April Fools’ joke.

I’m annoyed that there is now that notification till next version

to be continued…

reboot into recovery (I have TWRP for example) > advanced > console > type in “setprop persist.lineage.nofool true”, reboot, it should go away.

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It was a stupid joke and whoever came up with it should not be allowed near a computer.

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What @MichaelLindman posted must be a variance of what went out, and IMO much more tasteful/more obvious so easier to brush off. But what seemed to roll out on most builds would easily confuse many as a legitimate nefarious compromise.

I updated after reading about the fools joke, so I didn’t have the nasty surprise, but I was irritated at it’s persistence. I hate having lingering notifications I can’t dismiss. I’m really curious how they also inserted an app or what appeared like an app- from a technical standpoint I’m really curious (I have NO android dev knowledge- its all magic to me).

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Looks like a new update has been released for my tablet. I haven’t used mine in 5 days, I simply turned it off and decided to wait.

I just updated last night (though I turned off the joke) but it’s in the update’s comments that the joke gets disabled.

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