Lineage OS 17.1 on Pixel 4 XL causes flickering

Hi all,

I hope that I’m posting in the right place. I am running Lineage OS 17.1 on a Pixel 4XL and I am experiencing a flickering wherein the background color changes from the darker version to a lighter version and back again. This is especially noticeable with the dark theme and apparently it is a known issue (, Android 11 adds option to show refresh rate, looks like Fraps, Android 11 adds option to show refresh rate, looks like Fraps). My problem is that I cannot find any of the 90Hz or “Smooth Refresh” options anymore. But, I know that they were there before I installed Lineage OS 17.1. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ok so, most of lineage’s builds are “nightly” which means they are buggy and not “stable”. I have used lineage phones since before it was called lineage (CyanogenMod). And I would say its quite common to experience bugs with screen dimming, night lights, color, high refresh, multiple cameras… So I reccomend that while using a lineage phone to use either defualt or safe settings, and enable the “Kill app back button” in your “Developer Options” killing hanging/frozen apps in lineage is common practice.

Now a question for you; You are using a Google Pixel, why are you using lineage instead of Graphene?