Lil Snitch alternative for Linux

I use Lil Snitch in macOS/OS X. It is basically a GUI packet filter/firewall that sends alerts as connections are made/attempted. You can choose to allow traffic by port/IP/domain.

Is there a similar Linux application? I currently split my time between macOS and Linux. I am comfortable in Linux cli and can configure a firewall/pf but I don’t know of a good gui app similar to Lil Snitch.

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Then there’s

Douane hasn’t been updated in a couple of years mind you. Not saying it won’t work, but just saying.
Edit: I take that back, was misinformed lol


Interesting that you are versed in the GUi … makes sense.

@Baz, @KoalaAteMySnack – Both of these look like good options. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you.

Tagged for interest, have been looking for a solution like this for a while. Hoping to test soon…

So I haven’t seen many people talk about this but Subgraph OS has an application firewall that you can use. I believe it needs gnome though.