Lil help with installing Fedora 26

Hello level 1! I have decided to check out Fedora 26 as i have a spare ssd to use. Currently using Ubuntu 16.04. i am getting the screen I’ll share, and don’t know quite where to go from here. Is it my 970? I’m seeing some posts about troubles with Nvidia. I am hoping for a neater solution than swapping out the gpu, but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

Here is a pic of where it appears to stop. Not sure how long i left it like this before i rebooted and same same. Tried hitting enter, y enter, nothing. Thought maybe it would recover and get me to the install
Posting from my phone, be kind if the links don’t work.

Thanks in advance!

New photo by Nathan Herrmann

Quick update: swapped out gpu’s. Currently updating Fedora, installing chrome, steam… Will update again after Nvidia swap attempt

Double update: back on the nVidia card. marked solved THANK YOU.

Yes try and remove 970 until you get it installed then install nvidia driver package and then shutdown and install 970

Like, dang. I have a 7970 around here somewhere. Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry for the necro but while searching Google this was one of the first results figured I post what I did to get passed this.

Go to Advance Options in the grub menu and select boot with basic graphics. Then you can install Fedora then the nvidia drivers.

Thanks for the reply, I got it working. And working so well! I’m loving Fedora. I even leveled up my Linux-fu (still a total noob after two years) to get some games working. Made a couple ln -s lines! w00t!