Lightweigt os

What light linux OS recommend for a school?


It has to be user friendly and ease to use



What do you mean "for a school?" Is the school going to be using it, or are you going to be using it for school?

I would probably suggest Debian for something really light on your resources.

the school is going to be using, because here in Mexico not all schools can afford computers, and a client is giving away old pc's

Yeah, Debian would probably be your best bet then, unless someone can recommend something that will take less resources.

CentOS is really resource-friendly, probably much more so than Debian.

Ubuntu or if you want something more like windows then Linux mint.

I tried recently Ubuntu and is very buggy, it crash my laptop several times a day

I would definitely recommend Debian if you want extremely light weight but also functional linux distro. CentOS is almost dedicated for servers which is awesome but using for a desktop their is less stuff for it. Debian can be used as a desktop quite a bit easier.

Slackware, maybe?

Lubuntu. Is the lightest weight distro I have found. Very fast even on old machine - even old p4's.

Zorin OS lite or Lubuntu

I've heard that crunchbox and puppylinux is good, as for lightweight OS'es. And debian.

Zorin OS Lite / Educational

Vector Linux ( Standard / SOHO / Lite editions)

Linux Lite





I would highly recommend Lubbuntu because I've used it a lot and have really liked it.  Lubuntu is really lieght, I've even used it on old Pentium 4 machines with only 512Mb of RAM and it's still been pretty fast.  Also since it is derived from Ubuntu it has a lot of software that is compatible and optimized.

Just wondering what are the specs of the machines your school is getting, I just want to know because it seems that all of my family and family friend's that have computers in Mexico are quite low-spec.