Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Over my time PC gaming I have used many many mice. The one I am curently in love with is the SteelSeries Kana, the reason being is because of it's weight. I have higher grade mice but I would rather use the Kana because I feel I play better with it and again, because of the weight. I want to find a better mouse that maybe has a ergonomic design to it, more features in terms of software and the physical built but I haven't been able to find one that compeats with the Kana in terms of weight which I feel is a very important factor. If your guys have any suggestions that would be great and no I am not left handed. Thanks.

im am using the RAT5 by cyborg and u can ajust its weight and im having no problems w/ it. another one you should check out is the razer deathadder.

I have the deathadder, it's very heavy thanks for the input thought.

If you dont mind spending money in to get a great mouse you should look at the razer naga epic 129$ i beleive but it is worth it if you are looking for a great gaming mmo mouse. If you are looking for just a simple mouse gigabyte M8000 extreme for 59$ this has some gaming features. if you would like more options please feel free to contact me anytime.

CM Storm Spawn

It's light weight, the ring finger wrest is actually amazing and it's one of only a few mice with a flawless sensor.

CM Storm xornt is a great mouse it is extemely light weight.

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I've found the logitec mx518, while not a gaming mouse persay, is incredibly reliable. It's survived years of abuse from couter strike. And since it's an old mouse, it's fairly cheap if you can find one. I can't compare weight of it to any other mice, because it's all I've used besides cheapo-deepo mice. Just under 1 pound/ .5 Kg.