Light weight laptops

I have a desktop and I'm looking for a secondary laptop I want it to be very light. Budget is about $1700-$2300(AUD), I'm looking at the Lenovo yoga's what do you guys think?

I have an Hp zBook 14 G2. Lve that thing. Nice quality and speak are great for the weight. But for a Yoga I would whait for @wendell to do an "Linux on an Surface Book" video. Or try it yourself. Those surfaces have damn good bluildquality. Just like apple, if they build the Hardware themselfs, it is allmost allways more expensive, but my god it are great hardware products (exept the new macbook... Why only ONE port, please....)

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I'm waiting for the apple fanboy to run in here and freak out at us lol.

The sony vaio (high end) line has some crazy light stuff at even 17 inches. Like 3 or 4 pounds and a 760m (last I saw it was a 760m or 750m but I'm sure they bumped it up once or twice).

I have a lenovo yoga 500 14 inch and I can tell you that for that kind of money you can get far more. Build quality is not that great and the 1080p screen is not that sharp either. Mine has a single ram slot if that makes any difference to you.
Better check these out:
Razer Blade Stealth
Dell XPS 13

You stand in one of the last bastions against the evil that is apple.

You have nothing, my friend, to fear from any of us. We are your brothers in arms in the fight against the evil empire.

Tread carefully brother, here there be penguins.

Also, +1 for xps 13

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