Life is Strange, Life is Weird, Life is so many things

Escaping my home life :frowning: Feeling stuck in Life :frowning: Life is weird :slight_smile:


Why are you doing this again.


I thought this was about the game…Life is Strange. Then I checked the tag. :frowning:

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Glad it wasn’t about the game Life Is Strange, what a shitpile of story-telling

Even Telltale’s retarded story-telling is better and that’s saying a lot, considering Telltale series are garbage

You want a story, go for Final Fantasy 7, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Tides Of Numenera, Metal Gear, Fallout, Tyranny, The Witcher and the likes

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lol I’ve seen much worse story telling in an adventure game.

None of these are adventures :stuck_out_tongue: At least keep the genre intact.

While the puzzles were ultra easy, the story of LiS went from mundane in the first episode to whacked out in the last episode. The transition curve was steep and biased towards the final hour or so of the final episode.

I have to admit, the ending was surprising! The game would have been greatly improved if interactions and dialog choices was more fleshed out with better variety. It fell prey to the common here are four choices with similar themes. The time mechanic was a nice touch. Nothing too special but a nice touch nonetheless.

I have not played the sequel but I’m sure I will eventually.

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They are all more of an adventure than lis, whether or not u wanna flyfuck things into categories :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t know, tried to complete first episode a decent amount of times, could barely keep myself awake. Even tried to watch it, as a movie on yt, nope couldn’t even do that.

That’s why i :thinking: When someone recommends it.

All i hear in my head when seeing that title is Hi Max! Wow Max! Max Max Max, shut up already. :smile:

Inb4 thread is clickb8

Adventure games typically require time to get going. It’s common among games in the genre.


I’m ready for a closure!

Life is Weird :slight_smile: Life is Short, Life is Hard, Life is not fair :frowning: Life is so many things… 21st century tech life 2016 ipad pro 9.7

Random pic because life is weird lol :slight_smile:

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Why are you a dark cloud of cyberbullying that hovers over the forum to rain on someones else’s parade?

Opinion Noted


Life is Strange Everyday Life is Strange random pictures :slight_smile: #autismbrain

Life in reality my friend is that which you make it to be based upon choices made or choices not made.

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The time has come for all us Human Beings to discover our life purpose and are place in this world. Live a long happy Life :slight_smile:

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life is weird. life is strange human beings and animals produce waste :frowning: the human body is weird. I produced waste outside today. Human beings are animals in the animal kingdom life :slight_smile:

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Please tell me I’m not the only one that wants to throw something at him sometimes. :T

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What did poor Quasimodo do to you? :slight_smile: lol