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Life is Strange 2 - Announced and In the Works



So if you enjoyed Life is Strange well good news everyone. As of Yesterday Life is Strange 2 has been announced and is in the works.


0/10 No Tumblr - IGN

Im wondering how the story will be carried out. Cant really do a prequel and a sequel would be weird since the friendship between max and chloe has already been explored some



It'll probably take place a few years after the Arcadia Bay Hurricane that kills everyone in the town.


Thought I heard them say in an interview after the first game came out that it'd be a different story with different characters. I suppose we'll see what they end up doing.


There was but apparently it never came to fruition.


Surely you mean after I let my best friend die?


LiS was a surprisingly decent adventure game with quite possibly the most ridiculous ending. I'll keep myself from the media coverage for the most part though. Would hate to spoil anything.


Shameless self bump


Finally a game to actually look foward to. The first one was really amazing.