Licensing for Zweihander

Hey Logan, if we purchased Zweihander can we use it in our YT videos? I'll give credit at the end and in the description. Thanks, Matt

I believed what he has mentioned on some of his videos as long as you do not use it to make a profit and give him credit at the end of the video it should be alright, but just send him an email first to make sure it's cool that you do so.

Does monetising the video count as making a profit from the music? even if the main focus is not the music (e.g. gaming). I am casually thinking of doing this for some of my videos (I would email him)

Monetising a video is making a profit on a video, though maybe you could talk to him and see what he says you can do with his music. Logan seems to be open minded on what user's can do with it, so you will have to email and see.