Libreplannet 2015 talks - Richard Stallman - Free software, free hardware, and other things

I thought id port this for people. Anyone want to discuss?

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I was thinking RMS seems to be not his usual self these days but then he is over 60.

The interesting issue with free/libre hardware design that he brought up is manufacturing, since the four freedoms that make free software include the ability to run your modified program, when applied to hardware design you lose that at the moment as manufacturing a single modified design is very expensive if not basically improbably right now.

I personally think free/libre hardware design is a good thing, its always existed in some form even if it wasn't explicit, but these days people are very protective of their hardware, which is a shame as it holds us back as a society, and it holds us back technologically.

I think 3D printers have brought free hardware designs into the light more, and i think his point in differentiating between functional and non-functional designs are important. I goes onto the issue i think people start to not understand or don't think is important, that a functional device be it software or hardware should ultimately be in our control. We own it after all. But as with software there has been an increasing unfriendly need by companies to keep control over the hardware and software we buy, essentially meaning that we never own the things that help us function in modern life. And if they keep control over it they take control over everything we do with it, and that is wrong when you come right down to it.

If its functional should we not ultimately have control over it?

It will be interesting to see how manufacturing improves over the next decade, 3D printing is getting better every year, maybe we will see chip manufacturing soon.

The article he mentions is here for anyone interested

Interestingly he now uses the internet via tor+icecat :D

Edit: What do people thing about streaming services?

He talks about them being anti-social, and his point is valid in my opinion. I say that as someone who uses netflix a lot. Maybe it wouldnt be to bad if there were alternatives to buy but for movies and TV at least there isnt. Yes there are DVDs but for high definition downloads, as far as I am aware you cannot buy a digital movie that is actually owned by you, there all tied to services and encumbered with DRM.

Im glad for things like bandcamp which have lots of great music and support open formats :D

I respect your opinion, and i think you have many great points.

I only wanted to contribute something i just saw on youtube, an interview with richard stallman.

The reason i am bringing this up is because i wanted to know what you all thought about his opinions.

Richard stallman talks Ubuntu