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Libra news & what it means

updated w/ chart, links and tons of details.

don’t want to info dump more… but ask me anything

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BIS is the central bank to the central banks.
Never even heard of BIS till a year ago.
Head of BIS has come out and said this, IMHO Facebook and BIS planned this.
John McAfee is a loon, but he is a very very smart loon. He has raised concerns on Crypto and privacy.

“The Second Bank had been established in 1816, as a successor to the First Bank of the United States, whose charter had been permitted to expire in 1811.”

Funny how British Historians can’t figure out why the US declared war in 1812. After the war the US gov said “hey the war made us broke and we need a central bank”

This so reminds me of current cartoons depicting The Deep State

very few people have heard of the BIS, or know anything about how the current financial system works

it’s certainly powerful, but the real power is in the Fed. on paper, the BIS is the fed of central banks. but since all fiat is tied to the dollar, it’s more of a front for the deep state and fed to appear ‘globalist’ or internationalist, when it all rests on the current world currency – i.e. $$$

since the dollar is backed by nothing but threats of violence and war – and since the BIS isn’t backed by a military, it is essentially a mouth piece for the Fed.

doesn’t mean they know that, are happy with that, or don’t have some actual power that they can wield. but when push comes to shove, all agenda has to be enforced by the US, which it is.

Jackson & Kennedy are the 2 presidents I admire. no one else has done shit to get rid of banking cartels or endless wars – which work only to further empower bankers (sigh)

remember that all fiat & usury banking came from the US and every country that did not want it, was first declared to have committed some heinous act, genocide or whatever, then waged war upon

the current rule is backed by force, but the true enforcement comes through the falsification of history

much if not most of 20th century history is blatant lies.

e.g. the old narrative that Germany [which incidentally had just banned usury and threw out most bankers] started WWII – it didn’t. Brits and France declared war. Germany responded, while begging for peace year after year.
same with guns. the US enforced government that ruled Germany after WWI that looted the country & sold much of it to bankers, this government banned guns. i.e. the US backed post war gov banned guns.
Hitler got rid of the ban.
and after WWII, the US forced Germany to enshrine anti-free-speech codes into its constitution
and a contract was made to ensure that all German media are beholden to US directives.
no peace treaty was ever signed.

WWII was simply the same game as done with Syria, Iraq, Libya, Serbia, and the hundreds of other wars the US has waged since its inception:

to ensure the same elite that ruled the US could rule the world – and it now does.

if the US persists, which it won’t, but if it did, you’ll learn in school that Ghaddafi/Saddam/Assad genocided millions of his own citizens and the US waged war to bring freedom to those poor people. [all three rule(d) over completely secular countries without any power for political Islam. the US has never waged war on actual Islamic nations(!) – because these are US allies and always have been, like the Saudis, Quatar, and so on]

Same with Saddam, who ruled over a not very religious country that never did any terrorism. Millions of Christians too. Now? most Christians are dead. US enforced radical Islamic teachings. – but which US citizen knows that?
before the US, Shiah and Sunni couples intermarried, Christians too. it was a secular society.
now, it’s terrorized by Saudi Islamic teachings that the US put in charge, like the US did in the 80s to Afghanistan.
The US literally flew millions of Korans into the country.

the pattern is always the same: declare great evil is being done, go in, utterly destroy everything, then declare freedom has been brought, and then ensure that US banks are running the place

the common citizen of course is utterly screwed: the US is the most hated country in the world, US citizen are the ones with the biggest weight and health issues, highest health care cost and so on

who profited? NY banksters and their lot

we could have flying cars, cures for cancer and live without having to work due to robots doing shit for us. but no. we have to wage war for banksters

and just fyi: the same people who tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson are behind the fed (I do not buy that “unemployed house painter” story for one second. the guy likely had debt he couldn’t pay off and he was bought)


What now?

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You are obviously not seeing the poxnt here.

Some take aways:
"The primary purpose of the Fed is to protect the value of the dollar by not allowing rampant inflation. There is also the secondary purpose, written into law well after the Fed was setup: to push the economy toward full employment.

Both purposes have today been met and exceeded."
Ok that is harsh, I respect the author, but I have been dying to use this meme :slight_smile:
" One suspects, listening to the language of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, that while in high school at Phillips Exeter Academy, he was forced to read George Orwell’s “1984.”

Rather then being turned off by the book’s concept of a world ruled by a few unelected people, he sounds as if he might have been attracted to the idea.

Now, a few decades later, he may have developed the capacity to execute on this approach."

mmmm interesting…

Wow, that is some of the most selective interpretation of history I have read outside of a David Irving book :grimacing:

This is the kind of nonsense spouted by the old European far-right parties decades ago and needs to be challenged. This isn’t politics or economics, it’s history. If the UK & France had not declared war on 3rd September 1939 war would still have happened; and was already happening - the Nazi war machine had already rolled east on 1st Sept 1939 into Poland, and soon after Hitler would have ripped up the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and invaded the USSR (his plan were delayed by the opening of a western front by the UK & France).

The holocaust would still have happened and in all likely-hood without a western front or Anglo-American aid the USSR would have been defeated. You might not like the post-war US led capitalist system that rose from the ashes in West Europe, but that does not mean selectively interpreting history to make Nazi Germany sounds like an innocent victim should be accepted - it stinks of Hitlers own rhetoric.

I will read and try to understand the rest of your posts, but that selection to me says you have a peculiar view of the world that isn’t entirely healthy and taints the rest of what you have written. If you had merely wrote about some people always profiting from WW2 and the post war system I’d have to agree with you. Someone always gets richer when there is a war. A shame, it looks like you have put a lot of effort into your posts and now I need to read them more cautiously. Ho Hum.


It looks like Libra is on the way to being dead before it starts. EBay, PayPal, Stripe, Visa and possibly master card and another south american credit card processor I am not familiar with have pulled out of it the association 3 day before its first meeting and announcement of the members.

This is on top of various governments threatening heavy regulation and out right bans in ome cases.

If Libra is properly constructed, then there is no reason for alarm. Immutability is intrinsic to the distribution. The concerns seem to be rooted in the ability of Facebook to control the distribution through incentives. Facebook does have some of the most notorious social engineers at its’ helms beckoning call. This doesn’t however mean that Facebook can control a distribution of tech savvy individuals with financial incentives. This even being the case, the adverse effect on immutability would weaken the system; so there really is no incentive for Facebook to do so.

This is mainly because Facebooks’ resources are pooled from a saturated market. The financial incentives for Facebook is the acquisition of a new cash cow; for the purpose of securing stockholder value, for the immediate future. Beyond that, the financial incentives that Facebook offers to the Libra community will likely be siphoned off; thus mitigating Facebooks’ control measures.

It’s not difficult to see just how pathological Facebooks’ policies are. They are played out in front of everyone. What is difficult to see however is Facebooks’ continued behaviors of shooting themselves in the face; by weakening their own system.

  • They create constant PR nightmares
  • They get caught in bold faced lies; over and over
  • They inflate their value; disrupting their partnerships
  • They avoid monetization for their subscribers
  • They provide poor and insecure service; and still use flash
  • They make permanent political decisions in temporary political climates

Many of their behaviors lead them to their eventual liquidation. Facebook is not considering Libra for financial conquest. It’s considering it to delay that liquidation. Facebook has risen to the level that insists impending doom. Nothing that big can last. Big stars burn the brightest; and burn out the fastest. That is reality. Facebook is fucked; and Libra is desperation.

Facebook doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Regulating Libra == regulating crypto-currency. The reasons for doing so exist in the crypto community as well. Regulating such things is kind of a farce though. How does one regulate a distribution? What exactly will be regulated and who exactly will those regulations hold accountable?