Lian-Li DK-05: Making a Case for Sit/Stand Desks | Level One Techs

The DK-05 from Lian-Li is billed as the ultimate computer workstation – it is a light-weight aluminum sit-stand desk with a thick tempered glass top. It is designed to house up to two full custom computer systems. The idea is that you hide all the mess and wire chaos inside the desk, while showing off one or two full PCs through the tempered glass top.

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Wendell, you keep talking about the aluminium bracket. Pics or it didn’t happen.

It’s in the article my aluminum 2x4. Also notice the tree moves from behind the desk to the U cutout

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My comment is quite ridiculous when you consider it’s under the actual article on the main page XD

With the cut out in the back, it almost looks like a VESA mount. Would that be viable?

I would honestly love to get my hands on one of these could have a linux 24/7 daily runner/plex server with a gaming setup all rolled into one. Plus the space for monitor arms is a nice touch. Truly would be the last case I ever buy as they say

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