LGA2011 mATX Board for Xeon e5-2670?

As i’ve posted in another thread, i noticed my i5-6500 bottlenecking my GTX1070ti. Since funds are low atm, i’m not looking to upgrade yet.
BUT at work i’ve found an Xeaon e5-2570. From my research, it’s singlethreaded performance should be similar to the i5, but with double the cores. Since i’m not 100% sure the CPU actually works (it should, since it did a month ago…) i don’t want to spend massive amounts of money on it.

Since it’s all from synthetic benchmarks, i’d like to give it a shot. The system already exists and my Define mini limits me to mATX Boards. I’ve also got enough 16GB Dimm’s to deck this thing out. at 1333, it will be slower than my DDR4 now, but i have no clue how this will exactly impact actual performance.

So, i’m looking used, any source. What’s the most budget board i should look for to test this in my current rig? Rampage IV Gene? Some Supermicro stuff? I’m also not 100% i can still get the 2011 mount for my Corsait H80, so cooler might be something i need to look into. Any tips would be appreciated.

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I assumed you mean the Xeon E5-2670 and not some chinese knock-off and changed the title :wink:


There’s plenty of stuff on ebay. There’s some ‘New’ x79 motherboards from china that do work but can be a bit odd ballish (limited overclocking frequency to 4Ghz for example), so I would double check say a review video of them if you can if you plan to do that.

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Avoid Huanan and Running. A ASUS Gene is a better option than any of those options.

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