LGA 1366 Socket

Recently I was looking on the internet for CPU's out of curiosity and I found some Quadcore Xeons for a good price. The problem is is that a motherboard with the appropriate socket (LGA 1366) isn't sold anywhere within New Zealand, as far as I know, and the cheapest I could get one is around $160 New Zealand.

I was wondering if anyone on the forum knows where I could get an LGA 1366 motherboard cheaper than $160?

Thanks in advance!

Thats a great price for that platform what MOBO was that? and also 1366 really has not aged that badly.. it will still be viable until skylake E

would that be an X58 mobo?

@cynicrf HP Z600/Z800, they're $35ish US Dollar, that's why I'm curious if there is anything cheaper than 160 NZ.

@jonnyp3f I believe so.

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Then thats a good deal. Id go with those because they are great WS boards

did you check ebay?

@cynicrf That's where I got the prices from

The quad and hex core 1366 xeons are darn good, but imho the tradeoff comes with the 1366 platform itself - lots of boards got revisions due to teething problems, plus the high power consumption etc. For all intents and purposes you may be better off hunting around for a decent sandy/ivy bridge i7.

Best of luck

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Thanks for that! Hopefully I manage to find what I'm looking for