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haswell-E is a vallid compairisson, because its totaly the same architecture then haswell.

Haswell is haswell, no matter 4 / 6 or 8 cores.

i still say, "that i think", it wont happen. ☺

But yeah nobody knows until its released, thats why i say,  "i think"

lol yeah ☺

But all those sites spread too much BS like WC-tech or whatever its called. Because they all spread rumours, that they officialy cant back up.

Nobody know what will happen with skylake untill its released, i only hold on the official roadmaps from intel.

And if i look to the  jump from ivybridge -E to haswell-E with all those major platform upgades like DDR4. i personaly think that the same will happen with skylake. just DDR4 only for desktop cpu´s.

Thats just my opinnion ☺

Offcourse i can be wrong, but we will see what happens.

While Haswell and Haswell-E have the same basic CORE structure, they are definitely NOT the same thing. The core is only a small part of the equation. 

The platforms encompass alot more than just the same CPU core architecture. There are many differances between the two, other than the IMC. Haswell-E also doesn't have integrated graphics, Haswell does.

Not only that, but the dies are PHYSICALLY much different. 


Comparing two UTTERLY DIFFERENT CPU's on the basis that the underlying cores are the same and then extrapolating that to say that a difference in the memory controller is proof that Skylake will not have a dual IMC is completely illogical. Couple that with the fact that there exists both historical and current information that conflicts with your uninformed opinion, I think we can reasonably agree you need to re-think your stance.

The one thing I may say, however, is that I'm not sure if we will see any OVECLOCKING motherboards with DDR3 and Skylake. For two reasons, the market for enthusiasts WANT new things. The other reason is Skylake-K parts are supposed to come out later. BUt that does not change the fact that the IMC DOES have DDR3 support.