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LG V20 H918 or H915 for Freedom Mobile (Wind Mobile) in Canada?


Preface: Located in Canada, with Freedom Mobile (formerly known as Wind Mobile).

Freedom Mobile Supported Bands:
3G Bands: AWS-A-F (Band 4) (1700mhz)
LTE Bands: AWS-1 (Band 4) (1700mz), AWS-3 (Band 66) (1700mhz), Band 7 (2500mhz), Band 13 (700mhz), Band 41 (2500mhz)

LG V20 Supported LTE Bands (all attained from
H918 = 4, 7, 13, 66
VS995 = 4, 7, 13
US996 = 4, 7, 13
H990N = 4, 7, 41
H990ds = 4, 7, 41
H990 = 4, 7, 41
H915 = 4, 7
H910 = 4, 7
LS997 = 4, 41

Which model of LG V20 should I get? It seems like I should get the H918 model, since it supports the most LTE bands that my carrier uses, and I have no plans of switching carriers anytime soon (6 year old grandfathered plan of $30 CAD for 5GB Data, Unlimted Canada Text, Unlimited Province Call. Best I’ll get for $30 CAD in Canada.), but are any of the other models worth getting because they have an additional feature, don’t have a flaw in the design, etc.?

Supposedly, Freedom Mobile sold and shipped the H915 model themselves, however, that model doesn’t appear to support LTE bands 66 and 13, while the H918 does?

I also plan to root the device and install a third party ROM (something as close to AOSP as possible), if that matters.




The h918 can be a pain to bootloader unlock depending on the software version. It is also the only v20(I think) to have had anti roll back tripped in a update. So you have to be careful with which rom you flash to it because if you flash one not meant for the h918 with your arb version then it hard bricks the phone.

I am not as familar with the h915, but I think that is the one you need to convert the software to the us996 to bootloader unlock but then still works like a normal us996.

I am personally running a h910 with a custom rom and a extended battery.



Well that’s annoying, I didn’t know that could be prevented on an Android phone that is rooted with an unlocked bootloader. That’s stupid.

Why doe



Because there are not enough Canadian users, and most people in Canada that want an unlocked phone just buy a US or Internation version.

See here-

Right now the custom ROM situation is okish. There are a few roms based on the stock software, the most popular of which is the Super Rom(previously Super V20).

ASOP roms are fairly stable but have missing/broken features in general. Namely, VoLte and wifi calling are probably never going to work in ASOP, the second screen only works in pie based roms, or with a custom kernel, encryption is often untested.
Of this list- FM, NFC, wifi hotspot, IR blaster, and Bluetooth, at least one is generally broken in an ASOP rom, although say FM may be broken already from the bootloader unlock process.

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So it seems like ROMS which aren’t stock, or based on stock, pretty much suck, huh? Even when looking on XDA-dev’s, there isn’t a whole lot of ROM’s for the V20 at all…



Yep, that is about the size of it.

Fortunately, LG said that they are going to be updating the V20 to Pie so stock based Roms will be good for a while yet.

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