LG UF6430 43" 4k 4:4:4 chroma

Just thought I’d say that Frys is having some kind of promo going on this model comes in at 499 with no tax. Not sure who how long but it is a special which brings it in at a lesser price than the formal model. At first I thought why so cheap, but after switching it into game mode… seems pretty quick running it on my pc.

If anyone wants an alternative to the other 40" 4k 60hz screens

I can confirm 4:4:4 4k 60hz. for 500$ this is a steal.

This is a smart TV right?
currious how they work in games

If you're running 4:4:2 you cant read the last 2 lines, correct?

Not sure what the latency is, but it has a game mode that makes much faster, in other words it works fine.

Although I will say it seems pretty fast to me. I am not sure though because my pc has been in parts for a while. So this is the first screen I've looked at since its built.. but day to day use it seems snappy.