LG over local cabled network?

My current desktop compute (both CPU and RAM) isn’t enough (mainly insane use of firefox and thunderbird).

Without going overkill, a desktop would be 600€, a laptop 2-3(+)x of that. I don’t have much to spend.

Since my needs for a laptop are mainly within in-house, I’m wondering, whether thin-client/streaming the desktop would be reasonable. I can deal with being tethered.

While looking for software to accomplish this, I’m wondering whether LG could be done over the network (Liqid-like?), and whether this is even somewhat reasonable.

I’m already predicting a no, but thought I’d ask anyway.

What makes Looking Glass fast is the fact there’s a shared memory framebuffer. It’s not designed to run over a network as far as I’m aware.

This has been discussed before, here:

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