LG Optimuls 7 went insane


I have an LG Optimus 7 windows phone 7, and I am having strange issues.
So today I wanted to take a picture, when the phone decided to start shooting images on its own.

I restarted the phone, and it made a hard factory reset, deleting all of my contact, photos, apps and data.

But it didn't stop there, it randomly presses the volume buttons at a high frequency, and triggers the camera button. Also once in a while when it is in standby it will trigger the power button, and start doing all sorts of odd things.

It is like somebody is constantly(not exactly constantly, it works normally sometimes) pressing all of the buttons, but it is not.

What is wrong with my phone? What could be the cause?

Any hope of fixing it, I didn't find any options in zune to flash and rewrite the os of the phone, is that even possible with wp7?







sticky  buttons?

No way, the buttons work perfectly fine, never had any issues, also it would be very improbable that all of a sudden all of the side buttons got glitched.

That's odd mate.Haven't read of anything that quirky on the WP platform.Been sung the Lumia 900 myself.

And oh,i don't think loading a custom ROM would be easy.I've been told the bootloader was clamped down hard and would need a ATF box(not sure what it is exactly) to unlock.But that's for the L900,not sure about yours.

I don't need custom ROM, I just want to reinstall the WP7 os, I bet that some of the system files got corrupted or something like that...

haxored. might as well burn it.

Hmm,i think you might be better off going to the service centre if you want it reset to out-of-box OS condition.

Not really sure if the 7.x ROM is floating on the interwebs.

I don't think that it is haxored.

How would you even haxor a wp7, the thing is locked down as a brick, it is like hacking a 3$ pocket calculator.



I went to my old computer, where I had an backup from 2012, when I updated the os.

It managed to restore the backup, but nothing changed.

Today I took it apart, cleaned up all of the sticky goo and dirt that accumulated over the years, and for now it seems to work. I'll see how it continues to perform.





It worked two days, and now it wants to go in cold boot if I try to turn it on...