LG NvFBC issue (I guess)

Hey, there.

I cannot run the looking-glass-host.exe inside of my windows 10 vm.
Installed every driver and everything else is working (followed the quickstart very religiously).

I cannot find it in the task manager after running it.
I found the log file and this is the content of it.

Failed to find a supported capture interface and your guest is running in 640x480. Did you install your video drivers? Did you remove the virtual video device? Do you still have a monitor attached to the GPU, and if not, do you have a dummy plug attached?

No, I do not have a dummy plug attached (it works without it, too, in my case).

No, I do not have the monitor attached to the GPU. I did that just to know if I get any video signal out of the card and it actually does output the windows os as video signal when plugged in.

Virtual video device as in “video qxl/vga/virtio”, right? I could not remove it, but I set its value to “none”.

Yes, I did install the newest Nvidia 445 driver.

Clearly not. Desktop capture requires an active output on the video card, you must have a monitor or a dummy plug attached for it to function.


Perfect also.

Alright. Now I know that I have to buy the dummy plug for it to work.
I assumed that it was all done software-wise with no additional hardware. Seems like I was wrong with that thought.
Thanks for the clarification.