LG CX Resets Input Config When Device Unplugs

Every time I unplug an HDMI cable, the LG CX resets all of the settings for that input. Is there a way to disable this behavior?

If you can plug in something like a raspberry pi to get between the content you want and the HDMI input of the TV/Monitor, it should solve your problem.

Another way to do it is something like this:

Are you talking about the LG OLED TV? I have an LG TV with webOs and I do not have this problem. Are you using the defaults or are you making custom configurations?

Yes. It doesn’t affect every firmware version of every LG TV. I have a C7 that retains settings just fine. This is specifically with the LG CX currently running firmware 5.2.1-290906 (jhericuurl-jardine).

Ahh. Okay. I am sorry to hear that. Hopefully they have a fix out soon.

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