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LG as an Ultra-Fast 4K 60Hz(+) KVM-Switch for a Multi-OS Workstation?

(I have never used LG or KVM/QEMU.)
Currently, I passthrough multiple (3-4) video cards (and USB controllers) to desktop vms under esxi. Then the 4k 60Hz signals go through a KVM-switch.

Can the same functionality be replaced by LG?
This way:

  • the switching between OSes would be instantaneous (the KVM-switch delay is annoying if I have to switch often)
  • with a newer TV (as a monitor) and high-end graphics cards, 120Hz 4K is possible, right?
  • switching between “inputs” would not trigger the TV’s OSD notification showing input number and resolution (which takes 2s to clear)
  • limited only by the number of PCI slots - 4K 60Hz KVM-switches with more than 4 inputs are expensive (never mind 120Hz)

My concern is that at 4K 120Hz the data stream should be 3-4GB/s (giga-bYtes/s). My understanding is that, with the number of data copies LG requires, this is doable for one vm, perhaps two in parallel, not for say six or more.

Can LG be setup in such a way that data transfer is paused for vms whose output is not currently being displayed on the client side (and resumed instantaneously once displayed again)?
If the client is another vm, would a vm-to-vm setup make any difference in this context?


LG is already doing it by default. The host application will go to sleep if a client is not connected to it. There’s no difference in this context whether the client runs on the host or in another VM.