LG 43" 4K TV, anyone know if it's a decent monitor?


Unable to find any reviews on it really, seems to be a new product

It should at least be better than the unknown Chinese OEM TVs? right? at least color wise, I might just end up buying one anyways

There's the page, I just have to wonder if it's Chroma 4:4:4, it has HDMI 2.0 at least, doubt it has 444 though

The second review on the amazon prize wouldn't surprise me to be true
"Image quality is ok. the blacks on this tv are bad. they're not deep
black. I'm a gamer and this tv has too much input lag even on game mode.
if you're trying to get this model of tv my suggestion would be to
invest a lil bit more on Samsung tv which has better range of color and
better blacks on the display and less input lag

Seems like a good TV for TV things, but I don't think I'll be buying it due to the lack of deep blacks and response time/input lag, I also don't love my family enough to justify a new TV just yet, maybe when OLED is cheap

A guy on this forum says yes to Chroma 4:4:4 @ 60Hz

Is seems to have:

2 notes:

  • when I was searching to tv to use as monitor, I got the impression that several lg model have good image but a input lag too high for gaming when compared with samsung ones. you might want to check it out if you are planing on gaming.
  • I only managed to get 4k 60fps chroma 4:4:4 on my samsung after making a firmware update. The lgs might require the same thing so be sure to update if you decide to test it.

If it is the same as the 6100 which it seems to be

it's pretty much just a bang for your buck type of TV that's probably not the best for a PC monitor

Only somewhat budget TV id use as a monitor is a Samsung UN40KU6300. But my biggest fear is that Ill end up hating a 40inch 4k and then I have to go through the hassle to returning it.

Seems to be about $500, probably not worth it for me, I might just buy the LG one and then take the 1080p TV in the living room and use VSR to make it 4k for screen space lol

One day we'll have 40 inch 4k without horrible input lag... Until then, I'll keep saving my money.

I just wish AM4 would hurry up so I have a reason to buy some PC components again

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Damn I am looking more into this LG. If I can confirm lowish input lag, I might take a chance on this

Given the review here of probably the same or similar model, I'd keep saving for that samsung one, or go for a korean monitor


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WARNING: From what I understand the cheap LG IPS TVs use the RGBW subpixel layout which is going to look pretty terrible for a monitor. Please confirm before purchasing

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It does use that layout, which in the review above says upclose it's pretty bad, but further away as a TV is intended it would be fine

Yeah odds are it's a lesser quality version of the 6100, and the 6100 does';t look so great for a PC monitor.

Dammit man I just want to try 40inch 4k /cry

Isn't 43" a bit big for a monitor...? Seems like you'd have to move your head around a lot, if you sit at a desk with that, which is not comfortable.

I use an LG 49UB8500 49 inch 4k as my TV, and the picture quality is great, but the input lag across the LG TV lineup are awful. Mine is 65ms at least. I love it for use as a TV after syncing the audio.

I found from time to time moving my head around was a little annoying. I originally had a Sony IPS 43in 4K TV as a monitor. It didn't work out because of an issue with the TV but I moved to a 32inch 4K monitor and am happy. I like the increased resolution with the screen size. For me its not too small as I sit approx 26in from the screen.

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Thanks for the input! :D I currently use around a 23" 16:10, and that already seems quite big. 42" just seems monstrous to me. 32" seems like a nice, comfortable middle ground of not-too-large, and not-too-small

Why the heck is that thing so cheap? It's scary cheap actually.

Like 400 bucks for a 55 inch? Wtf?

It's fine overall, just not the best, has poor black levels and a RGBW layout for shitty looking text at close ranges

Id say yea if it goes up to 60hz. A lot of the earlier 4k TV's were only 30hz