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Hey Man...I did Everything You Sad ,Word by word...

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I would really like for LG to make small 25" freesync 21:9... It will be affordable, it will be more popular and it will be in my house... I have set my eyes on a 21:9 25", because of the price, and if they had freesync I may consider getting it... But I can't afford those huge 34" monsters...
Also, when are we going to finally get tired of those gimmicks? 3D monitors died, curved one should go as well...

If you want to start shooting in 21:9 and want it to look like it was meant to be shot in that format (simply cropping / adding black bars always looks off) then I'd recommend using something like an SLR Magic Anamorphot which you put on top of a standard spherical lens, and lets you use the full 16:9 sensor to retain detail, but then when you crop it down to a wide frame, it retains the slight vignetting and lens distortion from the edges of the frame which makes it look like it was intended to be a wide frame rather than just cropped as an after-thought (Although those images aren't from an Anamorphot). Also you get that cool looking bokeh, but the lens distortion and difficulty to do anything but centre frame focusing might make it not for you but that's personal preference I guess.

I'd say use a proper full anamorphic lens but a) they're incredibly expensive, b) very hard to find, c) only exist in a few mounting types d) they're often very large and cumbersome and e) anamorphic lenses are intended for use on a 4:3 frame size, if you used it on a 16:9 sensor you'd be left with a very very thin frame.

Bear in mind that anamorphic lenses also help with dynamic range (something to do with there being more glass elements which reduce the contrast of the light as it goes through the lens), but you'd have to weigh that up against an overall less sharp image (which seems like something you guys value, most of your videos are very sharp - I assume because you shoot at 4k and crop to 1080)

I don't know why I wrote so much, but I just thought I'd mention it incase you didn't already know that was an option, although I assume you do already have some knowledge of it

Edit: Here is a test video of the anamorphot on a GH4 (since I know that's the main camera you guys use), but I only just found out the GH4 lets you use the full 4:3 sensor for video, so you could actually get the 2x anamorphot adapter and have even more detail in your image while still having the same size frame as if you shot 16:9 with a 1.3x anamorphic adapter

Not my soup!

I really want to go ultra-wide.....but I also really want a Vive lol. Though I was hoping to see some budget options from Korean manufacturers by this point.

been looking for a new monitor! thanks


Screen Size Class (diagonal) 34"
Panel Type IPS
Color Gamut (CIE1931) sRGB over 99%
Color Depth (Number of Colors) 10bit (8bit + A-FRC)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.2325 mm x 0.2325 mm
Response Time 5ms GTG
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Aspect Ratio 21:9
Resolution 3440x1440
Brightness (cd/m2) 300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 5M:1
Viewing Angle 178 / 178
Surface Treatment Hard Coating (3H), anti-glare
HDMI 2 (ver 2.0)
Display Port 1
Thunderbolt 2.0 2
USB 3.0 1
USB Up 3.0 1
USB 3.0 Quick Charge 1
Type Adapter
Input 100~240V
Normal On (EPA 6.0) 56.7W
Picture Mode Yes
PIP In Screen Split
Key Lock Yes
Response Time Control Yes
Quick Charge Yes
FreeSync Yes (DP 55~75Hz)
Game Mode Yes
DAS Mode Yes
Black Stabilizer Yes
Flicker Safe Yes
Automatic standby Yes
Reader Mode Yes (included in Picture Mode)
Six Axis Control Yes
Color Calibrated Yes
Dual Controller Yes
Screen Split 2.0 (in OSC) Yes
My Display Preset (in OSC) Yes
OnScreen Control (OSC) Yes
Dual EDID (H/W) Yes
One Click Stand Set-up Yes
Tilt (Angle) -5~15 Degree
Height (Range) 110mm
Audio Output MaxxAudio 7Wx2
Without Stand (WxHxD) (Down) 32.2" x 9.1" x 17.8" / (Up) 32.2" x 9.1" x 22.1"
With Stand (WxHxD) 32.2" x 3.5" x 14.2"
Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 38.5" x 8.2" x 19.9"
With Stand Weight 17.2 lbs
Shipping Weight 24.7 lbs
VESA® Size (mm) 100 x 100
Power Cord Yes
Display Port Yes
Cable Holder Yes
UL(cUL) Yes
TUV-type Yes
CCC (for China) Yes
BSMI (for Taiwan) Yes
EPA 6.0 Yes
ErP Yes
EPEAT Gold Yes
Windows Yes
DisplayPort Yes
Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor
UPC 719192199378

I really dont understand why ppl go nuts for IPS.. Even if there is low IPS glow it still is just annoying if you use the PC at night/when its dark and the poor black's just drive me insane as soon as I watch any kind of Video or other content that is dark..

For a well lit office that is manly used at daylight IPS is fine but for content consumption and Gaming especially at night its just utter crap.. VA is just so much better hands down.. I really wish manufacturers would bring out more VA panel...

@Logan: one other thing.. did you buy this monitor or is it a press sample from LG? They tend to send out the really nice panel with low blacklight bleed and IPS Glow and many customers who get regular monitors report terrible backlight bleed and IPS glow..

Anyone know what driving game that is that is shown in the video?

I believe it's color accuracy. Nothing else.

As a proud owner of a VA panel I can fully agree with that. Have not noticed any backlighting issues, no issues with movie experience during the lonely nights, no issues what so ever...

Yeah, but IPS is more for creating stuff, but since people praise it, everyone jump on the bandwagon...

Whatever people do with those panels, they will never be better than CRT...

21:9 would be nice.

Yeah, but IPS is more for creating stuff, but since people praise it, everyone jump on the bandwagon...

Whatever people do with those panels, they will never be better than CRT...

Well but see thats BS too... Yeah technically the IPS Panel is more color accurate.. but if you cant see the damn corners anyways because they are just glowing like the installed a mini version of the sun in each corner what is the color accuracy good for? You cant see the damn colors anyway :D

VA all day any day

Next Stop will be 40" 4K VA I am just not sure which one to get... from the appearance I prefer the Philips but everywhere I read to stay away from it because its crap... The IIyama seems to be good in terms of the Panel and you finally get HDMI 2.0 outside of the korean monitor univers... BUT the Iiyamas bezel is just pretty wide... (right now I have a Dell 2715H here to test for me daddys office god I love the slim bezel, stand and overall design but this shitty IPS Panel is ruining the package >.<) No clue what to do....

Can you please comment on this monitor vs the Dell U3415W? The LG one is 160€ more expensive where I live and I wonder if it's worth paying the price premium.

Hi, great video. I would like to know what games shown during the review ?
Also how does this monitor compare to the more affordable 34UC87M-B?

Nitronic Rush?

Every single time I have seen an ultrawide monitor I know it is not for me. Too short from top to bottom while being wide. Yes I use 32 to 42" tvs for pc gaming and so on and some people find that odd but to each his own. Enjoy your ultrawide monitors if you love them but like I said not for me.

If I had to choose I would get one of the new 34UM68. Its the same 34 inch you reviewed last year from LG but they lowered free sync from 48 to 40. This is good range for me and feel my R9 285 could handle that resolution. Would be my dream display

R9'285 on 3440x1440 will be kind of pushing it... It is still considered 1080p card, and you ask it to push 2/3 of a 4k resolution...
2160x1080 - perfect for thar gpu...

I agree the 34UM68 is a 2160x1080 But thanks for the advice

What RPG game was that?

And would a Fury X be better for this monitor than a 980 Ti?

Cant wait to get that monitor!!

Thanks for the review :D

DX12 - yes...
DX11 - no difference...