Lg 34uc97-s vs aoc u3477pqu?

Im looking at these 2 3440x1440 monitors. Both I can get for 999$ canadian. Ive heard that the AOC has great color and image quality and the 5ms is good for gaming while the LG is 12ms. The LG though has that curve to it.....Anyone with experience with either of these have any thoughts?

I have the LG monitor and tbh it is NICE.

Yea the response isn't great, but really it doesn't matter unless you are playing competitive CS:GO (imo)

As for the AOC... you may wanna check this thread out.

Well he still hasn't tried to change cables. He tried another one and it didn't work so he used the same one. Interesting find though I'm glad you shared it. I wonder how commen this is? Something like this really could happen with any monitor.

I was kinda looking fondly at the AOC cause I have heard nothing but amazing reviews for it and very high recommendations.

On a side note do you find that the curve is worth the extra money?

I've heard that the AOC also has really bad back-light bleed... Like reallllyyyy bad.

Really? cause every review from creditable websites I've read say of all 3440x1440 monitors they have seen, this one has been one of the best for low black light bleeding.

Most ips monitors have a LG panel inside.
How good it is, mainly depends on how its calibrated by its manufacturer, how the monitor is assembled,
and what particular input board they used.

I think that the LG is very good.

I'm thinking I'll probably go with the LG. The curve is tempting!

I got to see the LG at a microsoft store. The curve was absolutely beautiful. Like I have 2 1080p monitors and it made me want to trash both of them and just go for one of those.

i personaly like them.

Yeah but the curve does't really add anything to the experience.

It is only a technological showdown of what manufacturers can do with displays nowadays, besides of that it is all marketing.

It does look nice though. Probably just a placebo effect but I feel like it's slightly more "immersive"

I think its a matter of personal experiance.

GnomishViking I thought at first I wasn't going to be able to contribute anything to this thread and then I remember a rule of mine. Do not buy any monitor unless you can see it working or at least buy it and test it at home and bring it back with no questions asked. Good luck with your monitor purchase.

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The place I buy from has 3 days no questions. 30 days in house replacement if it breaks. Then you can buy editional in house replacement from 2 up to 4 years