Lg 24mp55

I'm planning to buy a new monitor, and my original choice was the LG 24EA53. But it's getting almost impossible to find in stock in my country, so I've been looking at other monitors and this one cought my eye: the LG 24MP55 (http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-24MP55HQ).

Couldn't find any relevant reviews, would anyone care to share their opinion about it?

I bought my mother a very similar LG panel. At that price point, they have a similar panel housing and stand. It's a decent enough panel! However, I dislike the wobbly stand.

I think the ViewSonic VA2349S has a better, solid base. Looks much more attractive, and you should find it at a comparable price. Otherwise, LG IPS panels are good for the price.

Thank you for your help, but unfortunately I can't find any stores that sell ViewSonic monitors in my country.

I have read about the stand. How wobbly is it? The table on which the monitor will stand is bolted to the concrete wall behind it (it used to wobble when I was writing on it, so I got... creative), so there shouldn't be too much vibration transmitted from the table. I wouldn't want to end up with a monitor that wobbles when I type :)

It has a good enough balance. It shouldn't fall over, but it is quite "rickety" if you knock it. It's not a particularly heavy unit. Though, you could always try and clamp it with something cheap.

It is a nice panel, can't go wrong with any IPS, in my opinion. Good, affordable option.

While it should be "plug and play", I did have to install some sort of driver. It was a bit of a headache, as I had to use a different panel to install it, before the LG panel would display. It would go into some sort of power saver mode. It's supplied on a disk.

However, the panel worked fine when I plugged it into a different desktop. So, just be aware of that. You might need to use a TV to install that disk.

You're using Windows, right?

I'm using linux, I wonder if I will have any problems with it. Thank you for the heads-up!


I bought the the LG 24MP55HQ (http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-24MP55HQ).


  • First of all, the stand is decent, quite decent, much better than I expected. It's also a different model stand than on previous panels (like the 24EA53), the base is squarish and bigger now instead of elliptic.
  • Bleeding and IPS glow is close to nonexistent.
  • I can't really comment about color reproduction, I'm usually using xflux so my color recognition is way off.
  • I am using linux and on kernel 3.16 it was recognized without a hitch.

Thank you for the input, Berseker.